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Welcome to the Finest E-banking System

Goodison Park is a safe, fast, easy, and efficient online financial system that enables you access to your bank account and to carry out online banking services, 24/7

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Online Payment

We have online payment services like Airtel, MTN, Equity, Flutterwave, etc.

Take Loan

We have several plans to apply for a loan. You may apply to our loan plans by submitting some of your valid information.

Deposit Schemes

We have two deposit schemes for you, one is Deposit Pension Scheme and another one is the Fixed Deposit Receipt.

Transfer Money

You are able to transfer your funds within the GoodisonPark or other banks we support by adding your beneficiaries

About Us

We focus on financial security and safety.

Our Mission

We offer a wide variety of innovative financial services beyond all customer's expectations.

Our Vision

Being a global key player in the financial services business.

Our Goal

Be there for our customers wherever they prefer and offer an experience they will remember.

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Our Services

Financial services across the world in real time.

Fast Transfer

Our Money transfer system is secure and easy. Send your funds to your beneficiaries within Goodison Park or to other banks. Transfer within Goodison Park is instant and to other banks may take 24 hours.

Deposit Funds

Account-holders of Goodison Park are able to deposit their money through our several payment systems. We have online payment services like PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Skrill, Flutterwave, Mollie, Payeer, etc.

Withdraw Funds

Account-holders of Goodison Park are able to withdraw money from their account. Without verification, any withdrawal won't be completed, so you can trust Goodison Park.

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Why Choose Us?

Get world class; fastest online financial services

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Secure Service

Every balance subtracting transactions need OTP verification so You can feel safe about your funds. Also, you can use the google authenticator app on your cellphone and enable 2FA security from the account menu.

Lowest Transaction Fee

Our transaction fee is much low comparing to other banks. You can deposit, transfer, and withdraw your funds with the lowest transaction charge. As our transfer system is secure and robust you can trust us.

How it works

It's easy to join with Us


Create an Account

To be an account holder you have to create an account first.



After registration you need to verify your Email and Mobile Number.



Deposit some funds before applying on any FDR or DPS plans.


Get Service

Now you can get any of our services as our registered account-holder

Fixed Deposit Accounts

Efforts are our rewards are yours!



10%/ 30 Days
  • Lock in Period 35 Days
  • Get Profit Every 30 Days
  • Profit Rate 10%
  • Minimum UGX50,000.00
  • Maximum UGX1,000,000.00

Fix extra

2%/ 5 Days
  • Lock in Period 10 Days
  • Get Profit Every 5 Days
  • Profit Rate 2%
  • Minimum UGX50,000.00
  • Maximum UGX1,000,000.00
Saving Account

Grow your deposit with us.


Fixed Deposits

UGX500000 /1Days
  • Interest Rate 12%
  • Installment Interval 1 Days
  • Total Installment 12
  • Deposit Amount UGX6,000,000.00
  • You Will Get UGX6,720,000.00
Our Solutions for Loan

We Have The Best Loan Solutions


Goodison Personal loans

15% /31 Days
  • Take Minimum UGX100,000.00
  • Take Maximum UGX1,000,000.00
  • Per Installment 15%
  • Installment Interval 31 Days
  • Total Installment 3

We provide our banking services all over the world

Goodison Park is a secure and robust e-Banking system getting popular all over the world nowadays. We offer the best FDR, DPS & Foreign Exchange Services; Money Transfer services; Loan plans to our account holders


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Total Transaction


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Countries We Serve

I had opened an account 4 years ago, I feel safe keeping my funds in GoodisonPark. Their Deposit schemes plans are really helpful.

Adam Kagimu


The is just awesome, best quality service ever I had. You can trust them and deposit your funds. Their Loan plans are really helpful

Maria K

Managing Director, BABU

I had opened an account 2 years ago, I feel safe keeping my funds in GoodisonPark. Their Deposit schemes plans are really helpful

Michel yIGA

Founder of KK

Best quality service ever I had. The money transfer system is just awesome. The beneficiary listing system makes it quite efficient.

John Sempa


Frequently Asked Questions

Though we have provided lots of information about us and how we serve what is our working process our terms and conditions our policies etc.

Yes, we don't take any fees for opening an account.

Yes, you can send money from Goodison Park to another bank?

Get the registration form by clicking on the Sign Up button on the top bar. Provide all information and click on the Sign Up button.

No, we don't provide our account holder's information to any third-party organization.

We have several loan plans. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the Apply Now button and put the amount.

We have several FDR plans. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the Apply Now button and put the amount.

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